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Burgess Falls

While I was in New York Andrew spent the weekend in Cookeville. One day Andrew and his dad went to the nearby Burgess Falls State Park to enjoy taking some pictures together.

Beautiful Burgess Falls

The misty spray off the big waterfall had frozen, making a beautiful winter wonderland.

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

After the weekend, Andrew met up with a couple of his guy friends to do some hiking and camping. They headed east of Chattanooga to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. Joyce Kilmer is known for its record setting virgin timber, especially the Tulip Poplar. It has been a very long time since the three guys have been together, so they really enjoyed themselves.
The first few pictures are from overlooks and viewpoints along the drive there.

Early morning foggy lake

Enjoying wind in the face, one of life's simple pleasures.

Foggy trails

It seems like there is always running water and green Rhododendron around when hiking in Tennessee.

Beautiful moss

Andrew, Boss and Mac with the big Poplars.

This is one of Andrew's college roommates, Nate, hugging the tree.

Andrew's good friend, Alan, the park ranger, also a tree hugger.

Boss and MacKenzie (puppyhood playmates) loved being together again. It was like no time had ever passed since they had seen each other.

Mac is so photogenic and a beautiful dog, inside and out.

What a good dog!

A cute little toad they saw.

Mac smelling the toad.

New York City

After many years of talk, my mother and I decided this December was our time visit The Big Apple. We have talked about it since I was in high school. We went for a long weekend while Andrew and I were in Tennessee. It was a great time to go. The lights and Christmas cheer were a huge treat and the cold air was invigorating. We ate lots of good food, walked a lot, and packed a lot in to a few days. I'm so glad we finally set a date and followed through with it!

What a fun time we had!!!

NYC from the plane window!

After we arrived and were settled into our room, we had lunch and explored the general vicinity.

I had a short visit with Cookie Monster. That was unexpected.

We visited St. Patrick Cathedral while exploring the few blocks arond our hotel on our first day.