So we said our sad good-byes to Alaska and the dear friends we have made. This summer has been absolutely amazing!!! Everything about Alaska is so much more than it appears, life is so precious and abundant. It is a very special place. It’s more than just scenery and wildlife, it’s a feeling and a way of life that is like nowhere else (we’ve been to). It is a very challenging but rewarding lifestyle. I didn’t have many expectations upon coming to Alaska except for the usual wildlife and scenery, but the feeling of venturing to places so far north, completely off the grid in remote locations, an endless wild environment is not what I expected. And to experience the seasons, May snows, spring, summer, fall, the 24hr. daylight, the first stars of August, the aurora borealis, the wildflowers are truly unforgettable. I don’t know if it is the air quality, the way the sun hits the land at that latitude, the massive amount of untouched wilderness, or what but it’s an incredible feeling, experiencing Alaska like we did this summer. And the people are so kind and generous and hospitable. Someone told us early on that because of the distance he has never met people so close, because of the cold he has never met people so warm, and because of the harsh conditions he has never met people so dependable. It's so true, we made some wonderful friends this summer. To end this Alaska section of the blog for now, I want to share a quote that I read and have thought a lot about this summer, by Margaret Murie (the "godmother of environmental movement"),"When all the nonrenewable resources have been dug up, hauled away, piped away, to satisfy a certain kind of users, Alaska can still have a renewable, self-perpetuating resource of inestimable value--value economical, value spiritual, value for the health of people. We can not foretell the future, but we can give a nod toward it by putting this last treasure of wild country into an interest-bearing savings account. In the long view--all Alaska needs to do is be Alaska."