Throughout this whole hike, 14 miles roundtrip, Andrew was wearing flip-flops. And to top it all, they were my flip-flops. You do the gurly-man thing here in California :) See, what happened was Andrew got two new pairs of shoes, working and running shoes, in the last few days and they together caused horrible blisters on his heels. We had got off work at midnight the night before the hike and drove two hours to the trailhead and just went to sleep. When he woke up the next morning and tried to put his hiking boots on he couldn’t even walk. I suggested trying on my flip-flops because he had no other shoes with him. So, he did and they just barely fit, very snuggly. We decided we would at least do part of the hike since we were here and had already tried to do it one other time this season and didn’t. Who would have guessed Andrew would hike 14 miles in girls flip-flops.