Visit to Olympic

After spending our first day back in the states in Seattle at REI and doing other town errands, we had one day tucked away before we had to get Greg to Crater Lake. We decided to visit Olympic National Park and see the Hoh Rainforest since none of us had ever been to a rainforest. We hiked a total of 11 miles that day on two different trails, and were able to experience piece of the average 154 inches of rain the forest sees every year. The dominant tree species were the Sitka spruce (which we saw in Alaska but on a much smaller scale) and western hemlock. Some grow to tremendous size, reaching 300 feet in height and 23 feet in circumference. Other trees in the forest included the douglas-fir, western redcedar, bigleaf maple, red alder, vine maple, and black cottonwood. A great, eventful day and a great break from riding in the truck all day. Only downfall was that we had to leave Boss behind because we were in a national park, but we made up for it later with lots of play on the beach.