Here's Lookin' At You

Looking deep into this mewgulls eye!

We are still learning what this camera can do. This is called the Fisheye effect.

A couple of things I have forgotten to mention in the last week:

We saw our first stars last week in Denali. It finally got dark enough at 1:30 in the morning and the clouds opened up just enough to see a few stars! We haven't seen those since British Columbia in June.

Also, when Andrew and George were in Chitina dipnetting for reds Andrew got to see a couple of really cool things. As he was waiting for the fish to be handed his way he noticed a grizzly bear come down to the water to feed just across the river from them. It has probably happened other times when George has been down there but he is always staring straight down into the water at his net. He also got to see a bald eagle swoop down and take a fish out of the river!

We are on our way north to the Brooks Range. Be back next weekend!