The Compeau Trail

The guys decided to take a few days off from hunting. They haven't been seeing anything and have figured the reason being is all the unusually warm weather we've been having (a record setting September) in combination with clear, full moon nights. The moose have probably been bedding down during the day and moving during the cool nights under the light of the full moon. So, we spent a half day picking low bush cranberries and then went out for four-wheeler ride on the Compeau Trail. The Compeau Trail goes out 16 miles (in one direction--several other trails spur out from it enabling many combinations of fun) but we only went out 12 miles to a spot they have visited many, many times.
The Alaska Range (a small portion of it--about 150 miles south of us)
From left to right: Mt. Deborah, Mt. Hess, Mt. Hayes
We could see Denali (~200 miles southwest of us) but it was a ghostly image in the late afternoon light.