Backpacking Route

Since we were able to hike with the dog we really wanted to get out and enjoy a tiny piece of the 13 million acre park. We decided on this 21 mile backpacking loop that followed Lost Creek into the mountains and over a pass and back down to the road via Trail Creek. However, this loop didn't involve hiking a trail. It was a route finding loop that had a loose description and a drawn in loop on a topo map. Although part of the written description said that "we would sometimes see a very elusive four-wheeler trail" which couldn't have been more true. It was our first ever complete route finding hike ever. We loved it! We were surprised to learn that it took much longer to make miles and get places. The terrain was only tricky in a few places but we were constantly trying to decide on the best/easiest/safest passage and make our way over the trailless landscape. We also carried bear canisters for the first time ever.