Wrangell/St. Elias National Park

The week before moose season was dedicated to salmon fishing in Valdez just as we had done two years ago. The day before we were planning on leaving we checked the fishing forecast and reports and found that the fish were still 2 or 3 miles out in the ocean. So instead, Andrew and I decided to go visit the 13.2 million acre national park, Wrangell/St. Elias. There are only two roads and a few hiking trails that access the park. After spending some time at the visitor center we chose the less traveled road on the north side of the park. We immediately felt the road reminded us of the only road into Denali with the scenery and wildlife, but it was even better in a few ways. The best part about this park (due to ANILCA--Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act) is we are aloud to take Boss with us wherever we go! A few of other cool things are there are many free primitive campsites established, free public use cabins, and several trails that allow ATVs (which we don't have any yet, but George and Leslie have mentioned taking theirs down there for us all to go out with).
The year of the lynx!
We were about 18 miles in on the Nabesna Road and guess what was awaiting us?!?! A lynx and two kittens! At first we saw the mom and one kitten hurry off the road. As we approached the spot where they slipped into the woods we heard momma lynx calling and making noise. As we waited and listened we all of a sudden heard something on the other side of the road. It was another kitten up in a tree. It came down the tree and ran in the other direction. We immediately felt bad because we had split the family up so we drove down a ways, shut off the car, and waited some more. A few minutes later the mom and kitten crossed the road (in the same spot, one at a time) and retrieved the other kitten. Then, they all three crossed the road again one at a time and disappeared into the woods.